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We’ve got your floors covered

Did you know you can freshen up your home with new flooring even on the tightest budget?

Our Habitat ReStores carry a variety of flooring such as, vinyl planks and tiles, sheet vinyl, laminate, hardwood and ceramic tile at significantly cheaper prices than your local flooring store – and you’ll never pay tax at the ReStore! Plus, your purchases help to fund Habitat for Humanity Niagara’s homebuilding program – it’s a win-win.

Many of these options are easy to install – especially if you’re looking to DIY most of the work.

Remember before you visit our Niagara Restores to look for flooring, be sure to calculate the square footage of the room where you will be installing the flooring and add an extra 10%. That way you’ll know how much flooring you’ll need.

Before you decide on what floor to buy, check out some of the pros and cons with these flooring options.

1. Vinyl Planks and Tiles

• Natural wood or stone look without the hefty price tag.
• Easily installed over any type of subfloor.
• Soft to the touch and to walk on.
• Water resistant.

• Can discolour from too much sunlight.
• Sharp objects can scratch or gouge it.
• Not biodegradable, can emit VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).

2. Sheet Vinyl

• Extremely durable
• Water resistant.
• Easy to clean and maintain, can last 15 – 20 years.
• Great choice to install over uneven or cracked subfloors.

• Tends to discolour.
• Difficult to repair.
• Made of PVC and omits VOCs.

3. Laminate

• Planks snap together and easy to install.
• Do not fade from sun exposure.
• Low maintenance and easy to clean.
• Mold and mildew resistant.

• Can wear out faster than other flooring.
• Sounds hollow when you walk on it.
• Susceptible to warping or staining from standing water.
• Some laminates are made of formaldehyde and can release VOCs

4. Hardwood

• Look and feel warm.
• Increase home’s resale value more than any other flooring product.
• Low maintenance and easy to clean.
• Wood looks good with any type of style or décor.

• Some boards may have splinters.
• Knots, holes and other imperfections are common.

5. Ceramic Tile

• Resistant to water and humidity.
• Extremely durable.
• Easy to maintain and keep clean.

• Feels hard and cold to the touch.
• Difficult to install
• Unglazed tiles require sealing.
• Grout can be difficult to keep clean, especially if it is a light colour.

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