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This National Housing Day go Beyond the Build

Woman smiling standing in front of house.

We know that safe, decent and affordable housing has the power to change individual lives and transform communities by supporting stable employment, better health outcomes, and increased access to educational opportunities, as well as the security and prosperity of our communities.

Habitat for Humanity Canada recognizes the urgent need for solutions across the housing system – from emergency shelter, to rental, and affordable homeownership. Together, we must look Beyond the Build, to what safe and decent housing can do for families, communities, and
our country.

What does it mean to go Beyond the Build? Going Beyond the Build means recognizing that everyone has the right to a safe and decent place to live, and that it benefits all of us when they do.

This National Housing Day, show your support by pledging to go Beyond the Build with us. Sign up here to show your support for affordable housing and to learn more about how we can ensure those living in Canada have access to safe and decent housing, and the opportunities
that brings.