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Every week is Waste Reduction Week at our ReStores

Did you know that supporting Habitat Niagara ReStores not only helps to build homes in our community, it also helps to keep millions of pounds of waste out of local landfills? Each year the three ReStores in Niagara divert 3.3 million pounds – over 1400 metric tonnes – away from landfills. How? Read below to find out.

1. Electronic Waste Recycling Program

Through a partnership with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship, Habitat Niagara ReStores offer a free electronics recycling program to Niagara residents, resulting in 150,000 pounds of e-waste being diverted from landfills. Simply drop off your TV, computer, phone, or Blu Ray player at one of our store locations and we will ensure it is safely and responsibly recycled. See a full list of accepted electronic items.

2. Clothing Donation Bins

While our ReStores do not sell used clothing, we do accept donations on behalf of Recycling Rewards, an organization that collects and distributes gently used clothing. When dropping off donations, simply look for the blue bins near our store and pop your resellable clothing items inside. Just make sure they’re clean, in good condition, and inside a shopping or garbage bag.

3. Metal Recycling

Habitat Niagara ReStores work with local metal recycling companies to collect and recycle metal waste. The ReStores are provided payment for all the metal they collect – over 140,000 pounds a year! – which is then invested in building homes within our community. From motors and tools to metal furniture and appliances – it can all be recycled! See what metal items can be dropped off at our ReStores.

4. Home Furnishings, Appliances, and Housewares

By accepting and reselling gently used home furnishings, appliances, and housewares from our generous corporate and private donors, Habitat Niagara Restores are able to keep 3 million pounds out of the landfill. Thousands of items are given new life and a new home thanks to the ReStores. Check out what items we accept and keep the ReStore in mind if you’re renovating or updating your home!

We are grateful to our donors, community, and customers for helping us improve the lives of Niagara families as well as the environment.

Learn more about Habitat Niagara ReStores. You can also shop online at https://habitatniagararestore.ca/.