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ihiveLIVE is a sharing platform that benefits everyone. It’s a one-stop e-commerce portal where consumers shop online and earn cash back that they can donate back to Habitat for Humanity Niagara!

ihiveLIVE’s unique platform is for giving back, and their revenue sharing model gives you the cash to pay it forward.

Registration is free and when you register you will be able to choose your shopping interests and charity of choice. Once your profile is complete you can shop top merchants such as Amazon, Indigo, Dyson, Microsoft, Keurig and other popular stores from the ihiveLIVE portal.

When you shop online through the ihiveLIVE portal, you’ll get cash back that automatically is shared 50% with Habitat Niagara and you can either keep 50% for yourself or give it all to Habitat Niagara.

ihiveLIVE video homepage

ihiveLIVE explained in two minute video.

The more people who register that use the ihiveLIVE portal for their online shopping and check Habitat for Humanity Niagara off as their charity of choice – the more money will be donated to build homes for families in our community.


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Sign up, sign in and shop tutorial.

It's super easy to sign up, and once you do you can start shopping at your favourite online merchants.


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Register for free today and begin shopping!

Thank you for helping our ‘hive’ grow and generate much needed funds to help us continue our mission!