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Who Can Apply

Habitat for Humanity selects families who are ready for the responsibility and challenges of homeownership, but would not qualify for a bank mortgage.

Habitat for Humanity Niagara reserves the right to make the final decision for acceptance on all applications. The following criteria is applied to determine eligibility:

• Applicants are currently living together in sub-standard housing which could include overcrowding, unsafe living conditions, or paying more than 30% of income toward housing costs

• Must be a permanent resident of Canada and currently living in the Niagara region

• Must be able to manage debt in a responsible way. A bankruptcy must have been discharged for at least two years.

• Household assets must be below $30,000

• To be eligible, the total gross annual income for the applicants must be above the minimum income listed below

• Total gross household income must be below the maximum income listed below

• Preference will be given to families with young children

Note:“Gross” income is the amount before deductions“Household” income includes all income from all persons 18 years or older who live in the home and who are not full-time students

• At least $29,000 of your annual income is from employment, disability or pension income

• Include only half of Child Care Benefits and support payments

• For ODSP include only shelter and basic needs benefit amounts

• Do not include income from Ontario Works, Employment Insurance, GST/HST or Trillium

• For employment income, must be employed with current employer for a minimum of 2 years

Family Size Gross Annual Income
2 persons $36,000 - $38,500
3 Persons $36,000 - $47,000
4 Persons $36,000 - $54,500
5 Persons  $36,000 - $60,5000
6 Persons $36,000 - $66,500
7 Persons $36,000 - $72,000
8 Persons $36,000 - $76,500

Willingness to Partner

Potential families must also be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity Niagara by:

• Agreeing to 500 hours of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Niagara (extended family and friends can help with some of the volunteer hours)

• Providing requested information to Habitat Niagara in a timely manner

• Willing to support Habitat Niagara’s ongoing program by keeping their home and property neat and tidy!

• Willing to foster positive relationships with Habitat Niagara volunteers, donors, community and neighbours


To learn more about our homeownership program download our Family Program Guide.


For more information, contact Family Services at 905 685 7395 ext. 406 or


Thank you to our donors, they really make a difference!