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Steps to decluttering

With the holidays behind us comes the need to declutter and organize your home as you get rid of the old and bring in the new – and January is the perfect month for that!

Many of us have too much stuff and feel overwhelmed when our homes become cluttered. Well, it’s time to take control and be honest with yourself with what you truly need and want to keep. Once you declutter it will give you a sense of freedom because you’ll have less to clean, less to organize, and less stress.

Here are four steps to help you get your clutter under control.

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

This is the biggest step in the process. Take every single thing out of the room you’re working to declutter.

Step 2: Create a vision for the room

It’s really important to know what you want from a space (do I want a relaxing space, a space to exercise, or a space to watch TV and play games) and it will make it easier to decide what to eliminate and what to keep.

Step 3: Sorting

Make four piles: ‘Keep’, ‘Donate/Sell’, ‘Unsure’ and ‘Trash’,

The ‘Keep’ pile is obvious, just check to make sure you want to put it back in the space you are decluttering, or would like to use the item somewhere else in your home.

The ‘Donate/Sell’ pile is a feel good pile, where you’ll be able to help a charity by donating the items you no longer need or sell them and put some extra money in your pocket! Our Habitat ReStores will take many gently used items off your hands such as home décor, furniture and even clothing! Find out what we accept ... and you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for items valued at $100 or more – that’s good for you!

The ‘Unsure’ pile contains items that you’re not sure you want to get rid of at the moment – and that’s okay! This is the main reason why people feel anxious about decluttering. Put these items away in a box in a closet or basement and if you don’t use them after a month or two then donate them.

The ‘Trash’ pile is any items that don’t fit into all your other piles that may be broken, damaged or have missing pieces.

Step 4: Rebuilding the space

This is the fun part – time to redecorate! Put everything that you are keeping back into the room and rebuild the room according to the vision you create in Step 2.

Remember, to keep your room clutter-free you will need to keep on top of it. A simple idea is to have an empty box handy in your closet and when you come across an item you no longer want place it in that box and when the box gets full you can donate it to a charity.

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