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Grimsby Fire Department partners with the ReStore

Habitat CEO, Mark Carl, was invited to the Grimsby Fire Station 2 to watch live burn training where the officers set up a simulated situation and set it on fire as a teaching scenario.

The Grimsby Fire Department hosts courses for fire investigation and the National Fire Protection Association to ensure that firefighters and other emergency services have proper training on the causes of fires and how to properly extinguish them.

The local Grimsby Habitat ReStore donates unsellable items such as furniture and home decor items to help them with fire investigation training.

“The relationship began about a year ago when we contacted the local Habitat Restore,” said Deputy Fire Chief, Bill Thomson. “They said they have items like chairs, lamps and appliances that they can’t sell that we can use for fire investigation training.”

“This course is needed in the province, without having trained investigators understand what has caused the fires, we won’t be able to prevent these fires in the future. We are thankful for this ongoing partnership,” said Bill.