Two Habitat Houses Constructed in Two Days

13 Apr
Dave Wiens &  Milestone  Construction  Crew (w  Kory And  Scott Future Homeowners) (4). J P G

NIAGARA – It was an incredible two days for Habitat for Humanity Niagara as a house in Fort Erie was framed in one day and the very next day, a modular house in Welland was assembled.

Habitat Niagara couldn’t have done all of this without the leadership of Board member Dave Wiens and Habitat Construction Manager, Craig Brown. The house on Crescent Road in Fort Erie was erected by framers from Dave Wiens’ Construction and Milestone Construction who led the ‘framing blitz’ day alongside volunteers from Youth Resources Niagara. The walls went up, windows installed, and both doors shut and locked by 2:30 pm – all in (less than) a day’s work.

The following day, a modular house that was built in partnership with Niagara College Construction Techniques and Renovation Technician students, was transported in five pieces to its permanent site on Sauer Road in Welland and assembled by Dave Wiens’ crew.

“This type of work cannot be done by volunteers because professional training and working at heights certification is involved,” explains Alastair Davis, Habitat Niagara’s CEO. “This work takes a long time to do and we wouldn’t be able to build six to seven homes a year without this incredible support. The value of their generosity is priceless and has allowed us to strategically increase our capacity.”

Dave has been supporting Habitat Niagara with framing its houses for over twenty years and has served on Habitat Niagara’s Board of Directors for more than three years.  “I have a passion for Habitat for Humanity which led me to be on the Board,” said Dave.

About twenty-five framers participated in building these houses in two days. “Framing back-to-back was not our first choice,” explains Dave. “But it’s the commitment we’ve made - I know what the expectations are and we’re up for it.”

Cotton Inc. was on hand at the beginning of both construction projects, providing a solid foundation for both homes. During the modular house assembly Empire Transportation and Modern Crane also provided heavy equipment and services to transport the pieces from the College to the site and lift them onto the foundation.

“A lot of thought goes into the logistics for this complicated operation,” explains Keith Gowans, Habitat Niagara COO. “It’s an unbelievable commitment in orchestrating this effort for a phenomenal result.”

Habitat Niagara is building six homes this year for families across Niagara who are in need of decent and affordable homeownership. If you’d like to get involved in helping to build a Habitat home please visit

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