The impact of getting involved with Habitat

11 Feb
Halstead  North  American  Team

Last summer, employees from Halstead International participated in the 34th Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter work project that took place in Edmonton and Winnipeg. Halstead’s owner, Harlan Stone, generously donated all of the hard surface flooring required for each of the 91 homes in both cities, partly in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversaary.

“Our team of 18 employees were very eager to dive right in that week in Edmonton,” said Michael Poldrugovac, National Account Manager for Halstead/Vertex. “It was a very positive, welcoming, organized and a very enlightening experience to build a family’s future - that will never be forgotten.”

During that week, Michael met Keith Gowans, Habitat Niagara’s COO, who was also on the build and they spoke briefly about supporting smaller builds in Michael’s home province of Ontario, more specifically the Women Build in Niagara Falls.

“I had the pleasure of working alongside the Halstead International team in Edmonton led by Harlan,” explained Keith. “They immediately shared their enthusiasm and pride in being involved in such an enormous effort to house 75 families!  Their donation of flooring to the entire project was an extraordinary commitment.”

When Harlan learned of Habitat Niagara’s building program, he quickly offered his support for both Niagara Falls house builds and for Habitat’s newest ReStore in Grimsby.

“It is very rare for a company to show such commitment to an organization,” said Keith. “We are appreciative and humbled by their support.”

Michael’s team continued to work with Keith and Craig Brown, Habitat Niagara’s Construction Manager, on timing and arrangements for the required choice of flooring for the families.

“Unfortunately our team was not able to assist in this build,” Michael explained. “However we did see the finished product and all of the build participants did a wonderful job on the installation. The homes looked great!”

Just before the holidays the keys to the two Niagara Falls homes were handed over to the families. The families sent Michael and his team Christmas cards which he proudly shared with his enterprise.

“The impact of these Christmas cards on our employees was immediate. The appreciation from the families shows how, corporately, we can make a difference to people in need. This put a very personal impact to where a donation is used – it’s visible!” said Michael

“Working out here in the warehouse, you don’t realize the impact that our company has on the customers we serve,” said Rachel Killian, Halstead’s Warehouse Return Specialist. “Out here a pallet of flooring is just that, a label and some plastic wrap. Seeing this warms my heart, knowing that cases of flooring that we simply stack on a pallet and ship out could really impact people’s lives in such a way as this."

Michael shares his experience with Habitat Niagara, “Habitat Niagara made this donation very smooth, with great communication from the team. I strongly urge other corporations to get involved with Habitat, not just donations of product and services, but of people - participating on a build. People can impact other people positively and make a difference!”


Thank you to our donors, they really make a difference!